Saturday, September 3, 2011

PLAYLIST 9/01/11

Friday the 13th Part 3 Main Titles --Hot Ice
Seance Infernale(Silver Strain Italian Cinema Remix) --M.S.V./Silver Strain
Blood Game --Kaos-Frequenz
I Want You --Cabaret Voltaire
Seduction of the Armaggedon Witches --Mater Suspiria Vision
Love of Life --Swans
Second Tooth --Skinny Puppy
La Danse Du Vampires 2007 --Theatres Des Vampires
The Bottom Feeder --Nurse With Wound
Pity for the Self --Poesie Noire
Goodbye Horses --Q Lazzarus
Third Eye Sixth Sense --Ritualz
Across the Ocean --Resistance
Kissing on the Phone --Radio Scarlet
Praise the Innocent --Adrenochrome
Bittersub --Mina Harker
Are You Ready to Die?--Amduscia
Countdown to Suicide --†13th Moon†
The Hungry Years --Sex Gang Children
Quiero ser santa --ParĂ¡lisis Permanente
Revelation --The Danse Society
Red Scab --Adam Ant
Breath and Taxes --Spahn Ranch
This Corrosion --The Sisters of Mercy
Small Talk Stinks --Bauhaus
Skin --Siouxsie and the Banshees
The Howl --Samhain

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