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Interview with BY ANY MEANϟ NECEϟϟARY


BY ANY MEANϟ NECEϟϟARY is a one-man EBM unit currently based out of Asheville, North Carolina. The brainchild of Sam Witherspoon, BAMN  released its first album (available here: By Any Means Necessary) in the Fall of 2011. From the menacing, ambient pulse of the opening track "I [segue]" to the relentless synth-stomp of closer "Sinew", BAMN's eponymous debut is the work of someone who has mastered the musical vocabulary of the 80s EBM/Industrial scene and wrought their own dark and very distinct dialect from it. A Kiss in the Dreamhouse (AKITD) interviewed Sam Witherspoon (SM) about his project via email in December 2011.

AKITD: How long has BAMN been around? Has it always been a solo project, or were there other people involved at some point?

SW: By Any Means Necessary started around the fall of 2008... It started as just a live performance exploration (funny enough), figuring out what I wanted to do. It's pretty much always been a solo project, though I like to work with my friends from other bands/projects from time to time.

AKITD: What’s your musical background? Were you in any other bands prior to BAMN?

SW: Music and art have always been extremely important in my life, I think I would have gone completely crazy if I didn't have a way to express myself. Prior to BAMN, I'd been in various other bands in the Chapel Hill/Raleigh/Asheville area.

AKITD: How did you decide on the name of the band?

SW: I don't really remember how I picked "By Any Means Necessary" as a band name. Aesthetically for some reason it stuck, though I've come to learn there's some metal band that goes by the same name. Of course, it also can be connected with Malcom X or Jean Paul Sartre, although I'm not really a politically motivated type. It has some sort of urgency or importance implied, I guess. I haven't really bothered thinking about changing it to anything else.

AKITD: You’ve repeatedly identified BAMN as an Electronic Body Music (EBM) project. For the sake of those unfamiliar with the term, how would you define it, and what attracts you to this particular genre of music?

SW: Defining "EBM" depends on who you ask... I guess that a common thing that most people would agree with is that it's a industrial-spawned style of electronic music, and the name comes from Front 242 on No Comment. When people say EBM, a lot of the time the calculated/driving stuff comes to mind, like Nitzer Ebb, Front Line Assembly, Portion Control, 242, and groups like that. There's also a kind of "horror" camp that bands like the Klinik, Skinny Puppy, yelworC/AmGod really seem to define. Of course, I'm over simplifying this/not naming everything because I might just start ranting about it. I think the qualifiers for what "EBM" is have changed or morphed, and there are a lot of different moods going on within the genre.

What attracted EBM or Industrial to me was the notion that "electronic music" need not be safe. Nor does it need to lack all semblance of structure in order for it to be experimental. I think that a lot of hardcore EBM fans would make an uproar if you classified what they listened to as "techno" or "dance" music. Also, there's the culture behind it, a really interesting network of connected scenes and supportive fans.

AKITD: Because of the word “electronic” in Electronic Body Music, some people might be under the erroneous impression that EBM is yet another type of laptop-created computer music that doesn’t require any kind of special equipment OR musical skill. Can you describe the type of equipment you use to achieve your sound, and the sort of difficulties and expenses you’ve encountered using old-school synths?

SW: I've been a synth-geek for a while now. I always appreciate knowing when bands/musicians are going to use hardware over software, but I'm starting to get tired of the "analog vs. digital" debate. In my opinion, it shouldn't matter what you use, as long as it sounds good (which is subjective anyway), though I'm a little biased against software. On the album, I used a lot of hardware synths and electronic instruments, primarily the Roland HS-60, Roland D-550, Roland JX-8P, Korg MS2000B, Korg EMX-1, Korg DDD-1, Korg MicroX, Casio FZ-10M, Novation KS4, Novation K-Station, and Yamaha PSS-680... It's an expensive/stupid obsession, I've amassed a lot of gear and I've had to figure out how to make BAMN work in a live setting again.

AKITD: Despite having clubs like the Orange Peel and boasting musical events like Moogfest, Asheville is not particularly well-known for possessing any kind of an EBM (or Goth or Industrial) “scene”. Has that kind of isolation helped or hindered your creative work? And now that BAMN has started to play out live in support of an album, how receptive has the Asheville community been to your sound?

SW: It's true. Asheville seems a little isolated from anything in the EBM/Industrial range, but there are a few people/groups around here that are sort of interested in the same kind of things that I am. I'm not really great at promoting/selling myself regardless, so it's hard to say if it's really hindered BAMN in that respect, but creatively I think the mountains have helped me. BAMN hasn't played that many shows in general, and hardly any since I started getting more serious about the project. In 2010 we played at the local response to the focus-group-orientated "Moogfest", "Foogmess", and it was a pretty great turnout. People seemed excited, really receptive. More recently, we played again at Foogmess this year and downtown in November. I think a lot of people aren't sure what to expect, and when they see what the show is all about that they are generally surprised. Now that I'm trying to lug a lot of the "studio" onstage, it's not as much of a physically active show as it is a stage covered with tiers of synths. On the whole, I think that Asheville has a pretty receptive underground scene, though attendance and variety seem to have dwindled as of late. I can't make a good observation, I haven't been to that many shows recently.

AKITD: Your self-titled album came out this Halloween. How long did it take to put the tracks together, and what kind of considerations dictated which tracks were included and which were left off, or when a particular version of a song (like “Waiting”, for example) was ready for the full-length?

SW: A lot of the songs had been written in the late Spring and early Summer, and some even before that. I kept messing around and working with them, sort of taking my time. Eventually I had to just push myself to get it all together and finished, and that's what really decided what was going to be on the album. I recorded Waiting again, with my new setup, just because it's one of the first BAMN songs, and one that I still play live, and I wanted to give it a better treatment than the version that was on the demo.

AKITD: The album sounds and looks AMAZING. Was it all self-recorded, or did you work in conjunction with a studio at some point? What was the process of recording the tracks like, and what sort of aesthetic considerations shaped the packaging of the CD?

SW: Thank you. Yes, it was all self-recorded. In my dreams, I'd have access to a studio and true, up-to-date professional recording equipment, haha. This CD was the first time I moved to using a software DAW (Logic) to record tracks, and I'm pleased. Before this, I was always going to my Tascam digital recorder, and finding convoluted ways to get the audio mixed down. The cover of the album is a digital collage that I created, and I set up the lettering and design of the sleeve as well. I'm a "designer of sorts", and I tried to capture a bit of the style of that underground tape culture in how I set up the sleeve.

AKITD: There is a skilled use of samples on some of the songs that recall Skinny Puppy at their peak. How do you go about figuring out which samples to use, and how to match them up with certain songs?

SW: I try to grab small snippets from films/shows that I like, that have something to do with what's being conveyed. When I'm doing it on my own, I'm using the Casio FZ-10M, a giant rackmount sampler/digital synthesizer... A lot of the sampler tracks on the album were done/collected by Josh Reed, who has also been playing live along with me for the new BAMN shows. He's somewhat of a sound archivist, and a great musician in his own right, and does stuff under the name Kangarot.

AKITD: The distorted, menacing vocals on some of the tracks really contributes to the overall dark and dehumanized mood of the album. Was that an effect you deliberately sought to achieve? What inspired the lyrics for the songs that do have vocals, and what sort of factors determined which songs would have words and which would be left as instrumentals?

SW: I'm an unintentional frontman/vocalist. Lyrics are usually the last thing that I figure out for a song, and the songs on the album are a mixture of free-association, aesthetic themes, and just feelings that I had when I was working on these songs. Modulated "goblin" vocals appeal to me, obviously an homage to the SP/early Portion Control vocal style... I use a lot of stuttering delay, which I get from a Digitech RDS1000, a digital rackmount delay that is really fun to mess around with.

AKITD: What bands would you cite as influences? Are there any contemporary acts that you are enthusiastic about?

SW: I have lots of influences! I'm pretty aware that I look up to the classic Skinny Puppy vibe a lot. The complexity and density of Mentallo & the Fixer (especially the albums No Rest for the Wicked and Revelations 23) has left an impact on me as well, and I'm always trying to hunt down EBM records/tapes/CDs from the late 80s/early 90s that aren't mentioned a lot. Actually, it's pretty strange how many records and CDs I've found in record stores here in Asheville. I just recently picked up FLA's Total Terror part II and Doubting Thomas' The Infidel.

As for contemporary acts, it seems like in the past 3 years, there has been a revival of the industrial/ebm sound, and I think there are some bands that really do it well. //Tense// is really great, and I really like the sound White Car was going for on No Better, and wish that they went on to do more stuff like they did on the Loom 11 side project. I think that the "EBM" fad is sort of dying though, it seems like the aesthetic is morphing into wannabe rave culture.. which I'm okay with. There was a time where I knew a lot of people with an "ironic" or self-aware interest in the stuff that I thrive off of, and it seemed kind of shallow, like there was this scene that was appropriating aesthetics, images and sounds without realizing where they were taking it from. That's popular now, and I think that it's overdone. I'm looking for honesty in what listen to, and that's what I think is missing from a lot of music today.

AKITD: I know you are currently at work on a follow-up EP to the full-length. What kind of things would you like to see happen in the future for BAMN?

SW: Hm, I don't know. Create more solid ideas, explore new territory... I want to see a return to honest industrial/EBM music, not just "clubby" tracks, but experimental, uncompromising, not something trendy. I'm always noodling around, but I would be happy to know that other people are enjoying it too.

For more information on BAMN, check out the following links:

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PLAYLIST 11/24/11

Lagartija Nick-- Bauhaus
Internal Bleeding-- SPK
Crack the Whip(Cut the Rope)-- GVCCI HVCCI
Electra Descending-- Christian Death
Kooler Than Jesus-- My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult
Sadicos Infernal-- Silver Strain
Diotima of Maninea-- The Ceremonial Dagger
Never Believe-- Ministry
Far Too Frail-- Skinny Puppy
Body Electric-- The Sisters of Mercy
Serpents Kiss-- The Mission
Black Cross-- 45 Grave
Blood on the Bats-- Tot Licht
Last-- Nine Inch Nails
Happy When It Rains-- The Jesus and Mary Chain
Miss Me(92 Remix)-- Geko
Precious Lives-- The Frozen Autumn
Isolation-- Joy Division
A Meeting-- Leitmotiv
Let Them Die-- Madame B
Simple Addictions-- Screams for Tina
Hure-- Genocidio 1968
Dear Prudence-- Siouxsie and the Banshees
Durch Die Nacht-- Sprung Aus Den Wolken
Mondlicht-- Xmal Deutschland
Bad Trash-- Switchblade Symphony
Industrializer-- Alien Vampires
Hot Blood Workout-- Aural Vampire
Cop Out-- Peter Hope + Richard H. Kirk

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PLAYLIST 10/27/11

Antonin Artaud-- Bauhaus
Lust Doll-- Black Hole Nine
Halloween II-- The Misfits
Cyber Destruction-- T3rror 3rror
Heresy-- Nine Inch Nails
Fucked on LSD-- Alien Vampires
Wardance-- Killing Joke
Kindgott-- Das Ich
Mirror People-- Love and Rockets
Teenage Lightning II-- Coil
Blossomy Parks-- Escarlatina Obsessiva
Nuit d'octobre-- Crimson Muddle
Sever(Soman Remix)-- Surgyn
Blue Dress-- Depeche Mode
A Forest-- The Cure
Divination-- Black Ice
Amphetamine Logic-- The Sisters of Mercy
Hebenon Vial-- Cinema Strange
Lorelei-- Corpus Delicti
Great Black Time(Vinyl Version)-- Current 93

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PLAYLIST 10/20/11

The Return of Brittany Kore-- Silver Strain
Nox Eterna-- T3rror 3rror
Zoo Music Girl-- The Birthday Party
Grave Dance-- 13th Moon
Xmas in Australia-- Xmal Deutschland
Lovers in Hell-- The Vanishing
Monster-- Unter Null
Slug Bait(Live in Southampton)-- Throbbing Gristle
Hysterically-- Thanatos
Weakling-- Swans
Mekano-- SPK
Sweetest Perfection-- Depeche Mode
The Light-- Love and Rockets
Alice(1993)-- The Sisters of Mercy
Kiss Them for Me-- Siouxsie and the Banshees
I am Shame-- Radio Scarlet
My Blue Eyes...-- The Other Colors
Eraser(Denial;Realization)-- NIN
Pretend There was Surprise in the End-- New Days Delay
Taste the Tears(Demo)-- Muse Kassandra
I'm Pretty Much Fucked-- Mindless Faith
Batcave-- Miguel & the Living Dead
Interzone-- Joy Division
Rider-- The Jesus and Mary Chain
Eloise(DreamTime Mix)-- The Damned
Ich Will-- D.A.F.
Automatic Death-- Die Form
The Violin Song-- The Cure
Squashed Blossoms-- Cinema Strange

PLAYLIST 10/13/11

Exercise One-- Joy Division
Turn it Off-- //tense//
Ghetto Ass Witch(Burial Hex Remix)-- Ritualz
La Main Gauche-- Silver Strain
Lords of the Left Hand-- Samhain
What-- Amduscia
Exitgraves-- Micro Naps
4 Hours-- Clock DVA
As for the Other Side-- Current 93
Shattered Mirror-- Slow Head
Jigsaw Feeling-- Siouxsie and the Banshees
Infrared-- All About Eve
At the Heart of It All-- NIN
Memory, Uncaring Friend-- Black Tape for a Blue Girl
One Time One Summer-- Cinema Strange
Like Cockatoos-- The Cure
Justine-- Chants of Maldoror
I Don't Get It-- Coil
Blue Monday-- New Order
Swallow This!-- Cold Flesh Colony
Oh, You've Come Undone-- Unter Null
The Colosseum-- A Split Second
Ocean-- Dead Can Dance
Fell the Evil-- The Klinik
Athol-Brose-- Cocteau Twins

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PLAYLIST 10/06/11

Speak-- Swans
Broken Pieces-- Black Ice
Ashen of Grey-- Garten Kirkhof
A Means to an End-- Joy Division
The Calling-- Death in June
Shy-- Peter Murphy
My Own(Demo)-- Muse Kassandra
Psycho 2-- Gene Loves Jezebel
In the Night-- Bauhaus
Soaked With Blood(T.H.C. edit)-- Mentallo & the Fixer
Dressed in Black-- Depeche Mode
Verklemmt-- Foetus
girlz-- Glass Teeth
Non Ho Sonno-- Goblin
Ghetto Ass Witch-- Ritualz
Just Out of Reach-- The Jesus and Mary Chain
The Man I Wanna Be-- Absolute Body Control
Mazela Takes a Walk-- Plastique Noire
Dance of the Dead-- Alien Sex Fiend
Colonial Discharge-- A Split Second
Freon Heart, Fayence Mind-- The Frozen Autumn
Glampyre-- Saints of Ruin
The Dreammoves of the Sleeping King-- Current 93

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PLAYLIST 9/08/11

New Coats-- Fangs on Fur
Fils de Frankenpire Vampirstein!!!-- Elvira and the Bats
Nothing Changes-- Death in June
The Light Pours Out of Me-- Peter Murphy
The Chain-- //tense//
Stupid Child-- Swans
At Night-- The Cure
The Trigger-- Christ vs. Warhol
Seance Infernale-- Mater Suspiria Vision
Blood(Decimatored Beat Mix--) Blood
One Eye Only-- Escarlatina Obsessiva
Black Light District-- Boyd Rice
God's Gift(Maggot)-- Skinny Puppy
Mambo Witch-- A Split Second
Masquerade-- Clan of Xymox
Untamed Culture-- Sunglasses After Dark
Absolute K Perkontrolle-- D.A.F.
The Reign-- Clock DVA
About a Dead-- Hocico
Beatrix-- Cocteau Twins
Martyr(Tamtrum Mix)-- Unter Null
Panic-- Coil
Nachtschatten-- Xmal Deutschland
Candidate-- Joy Division
Slogun-- SPK
Ghost-- Batcave 13

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PLAYLIST 9/01/11

Friday the 13th Part 3 Main Titles --Hot Ice
Seance Infernale(Silver Strain Italian Cinema Remix) --M.S.V./Silver Strain
Blood Game --Kaos-Frequenz
I Want You --Cabaret Voltaire
Seduction of the Armaggedon Witches --Mater Suspiria Vision
Love of Life --Swans
Second Tooth --Skinny Puppy
La Danse Du Vampires 2007 --Theatres Des Vampires
The Bottom Feeder --Nurse With Wound
Pity for the Self --Poesie Noire
Goodbye Horses --Q Lazzarus
Third Eye Sixth Sense --Ritualz
Across the Ocean --Resistance
Kissing on the Phone --Radio Scarlet
Praise the Innocent --Adrenochrome
Bittersub --Mina Harker
Are You Ready to Die?--Amduscia
Countdown to Suicide --†13th Moon†
The Hungry Years --Sex Gang Children
Quiero ser santa --Parálisis Permanente
Revelation --The Danse Society
Red Scab --Adam Ant
Breath and Taxes --Spahn Ranch
This Corrosion --The Sisters of Mercy
Small Talk Stinks --Bauhaus
Skin --Siouxsie and the Banshees
The Howl --Samhain

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PLAYLIST 8-18-11

Mask-- Bauhaus
Bela Lugosi's Dead-- XIII Stoleti
Hot Blood Workout-- Aural Vampire
Terrible Birds-- Black Ice
All I Want-- The Cure
Miss Me(92 Remix)-- Geko
Black Ships Ate the Sky-- Current 93
The Six Buttons of Sex Appeal-- Nurse With Wound
Imaginary Walls-- Plastique Noir
Unbridled-- Samhain
Why Kill Time(When You Can Kill Yourself)?-- Cabaret Voltaire
Nightmare-- Screams for Tina
Black Radio-- Death in June
Burnt With Water-- Skinny Puppy
Playing the Fool-- Unter Null
Bad Trash-- Switchblade Symphony
The Witch House of Hansel and Gretel-- Mater Suspiria Vision
Dropout-- Subtonix
Take Advantage-- Swans
Candyman-- Siouxsie and the Banshees
Opera-- Claudio Simonetti
Oral Pleasure-- 3rd Man
Flood I-- The Sisters of Mercy
Test My Reaction-- Spahn Ranch
Diktat(Savage Version)-- Die Form
Distant Dreams(part two)-- Throbbing Gristle

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PLAYLIST 8-11-11

Half Life-- Swans
Main Title from "Body Count"-- Claudio Simonetti
You are the Wonder-- The Knutz
All Alone in Her Nirvana-- Death in June
I Die You Die-- Gary Numan
The Act-- Clock DVA
Come to Daddy-- Virgin Prunes
Rockin' Back Inside my Heart-- Julee Cruise
Where Sank One Million Ships-- Escarlatina Obsessiva
Needlefeet-- Cinema Strange
Dead Dreamer-- Glass Teeth
Hands on the Clock-- Skeletal Family
Possession-- Acid Bats
When I was Bed-- Christian Death
The Upstairs Room-- The Cure
Alien Sex Fiend-- Alien Sex Fiend
Perish in Peril-- Mentallo & the Fixer
Control I'm Here-- Nitzer Ebb
When Mama was Moth-- Cocteau Twins
The Missing-- Ministry
Falling Down to Hell-- Crucifix Nocturnal Christians
I Feel Love-- Curve
Tenebre-- Goblin
Elixir-- Black Ice
Louise-- Clan of Xymox
The Yo-Yo Man-- Echo & the Bunnymen

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

PLAYLIST 5-26-11

Qual-- Xmal Deutschland
St. Vitus Dance-- Bauhaus
Waiting-- By Any Means Necessary
Your Image-- The Vanishing
Pale Blue Sky-- The Cranes
Love's Secret Domain-- Coil
Ashes-- Christian Death
Time is Money(Bastard)-- Swans
Three Imaginary Boys-- The Cure
Hirnlego-- Einsturzende Neubauten
Take it Outside, Godboy-- Foetus
Headless Horseman-- Gargoyle Sox
I Will Always Love You--Pwin Teaks
Long Pig-- The March Violets
Walkabout-- Throbbing Gristle
Circus of Angels-- Crucifix Nocturnal Christians
Giants-- The Bolshoi
Treacher Song(Toxic)-- Suspiria
Useless Information-- Chris & Cosey
The Choke-- Skinny Puppy
Fear-- November Novelet
Body and Soul-- The Sisters of Mercy
Sixteen Days/Gathering Dust-- This Mortal Coil
Cities in the Dust-- Siouxsie and the Banshees
Another Planet-- Alien Sex Fiend
Dieche-- Sex Gang Children

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PLAYLIST 6/30/11

Ultra-- KMFDM
I'm Deranged-- David Bowie + Trent Reznor
Punch Drunk-- Gene Loves Jezebel
Walking Backwards-- By Any Means Necessary
Secret-- Christ Vs. Warhol
Lullaby(Alt. Version)-- Christian Death
Cannibal Coast-- Aural Vampire
Beast of Burden-- Attrition
Lovesick-- The Vanishing
Underground Movie-- Kas Product
Into the Large Air-- Nitzer Ebb
But Not Tonight-- Depeche Mode
Ich Bin's-- Einsturzende Neubauten
Lights Go Out-- The March Violets
Tenant-- Siouxsie and the Banshees
Black Planet-- The Sisters of Mercy
Behind the Wheel-- Suspiria
Who's Laughing Now-- Skinny Puppy
Berlin 1930-- Subtonix
Camilla's Dream-- T3RROR 3RROR
Dew-- Thanatos
The Need-- Chris & Cosey
The Beast-- The Super Heroines
Incubus Succubus II-- Xmal Deutschland
The Litanies of Satan-- Diamanda Galas

PLAYLIST 7/15/11

I Crawled-- Swans
Lady of Flame-- Pain Teens
Nature of Love(Cruelty Mix)-- Ministry
World of Fantasy-- C-Lekktor
Trottodaf-- End of Data
Catakomb Kittens-- Cinema Strange
A Strutting Rooster-- The Creatures
Clock-- The Danse Society
Those Who Walk By the Night-- Plastique Noir
Kiss the Carpet-- The Sisters of Mercy
03-- Absolute Body Control
Rosarium-- Cyanide Regime
Black Dahlia-- Fahrenheit 451
Seagull-- KUKL
Far From Paradise-- Scarlet's Remains
Contact-- SPK
Spectre-- Christian Death
Elements of Chance-- Black Ice
God in an Alcove-- Bauhaus
Blood on the Wall-- Skinny Puppy
Venetian Blinds-- The Frozen Autumn
Room 11-- The SVMs
Carnival of Souls-- Witching Hour
Taking Shape-- Kas Product
Burning Skies-- Tones on Tail
Ignore the Machine-- Alien Sex Fiend


Power the Empire-- The Empire Hideous
Roman Candle-- Flesh For Lulu
Boyfriend's Dead-- The Jesus and Mary Chain
Those Eyes, That Mouth-- Cocteau Twins
Leidenschaftlich-- Sprung Aus Den Walken
Acid, Bitter and Sad-- This Mortal Coil
Snake-- Fangs on Fur
Your Sin is Your Salvation-- Blood and Roses
Vampire Ecstasy-- Aural Vampire
Two Into One-- Balaam and the Angel
Pariah-- Danielle Dax
Birthright-- Samhain
No Love Lost-- Joy Division
Smooth Down-- Kas Product
A Meeting-- Leitmotiv
Everyday is Halloween-- Ministry
Your Sex, My Agony-- Remembrance
Misty Mouse-- Ruth
Heartland-- The Sisters of Mercy
Hexonxonx-- Skinny Puppy
We'll Hang for That-- Swans
Cut the Flesh Xires-- Violet Stigmata
Dead Hearted-- Blood
Ellum-- Still Patient?
Monkey in a Bin-- Attrition
Barbarossa-- Sex Gang Children
We Hunger-- Siouxsie and the Banshees
Intercourse with the Vampire-- Inkubus Sukkubus
Satan Place-- Foetus
Selected Readings from Oak Mot, Part III-- Crispin Hellion Glover

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

PLAYLIST 7-28-11

The Kiss--- The Cure
Love in a Void--- Siouxsie and the Banshees
Rash Reflection--- Skinny Puppy
Apostador--- Trapodolls
Baby Blue Eyes--- SPK
Israel--- SPK
Peppermint Pig--- Cocteau Twins
Intium/Samhain--- Samhain
Bodie--- Ritualz
Winter--- Escarlatina Obsessiva
Girlz--- Glass Teeth
Blue Water--- Fields of the Nephilim
Simple Addictions--- Screams for Tina
Suck--- The Jesus and Mary Chain
Demoni--- Claudio Simonetti
Only I Can Hear, Only I Can Touch--- Swans
Dead Souls--- Joy Division
Angels Embrace--- Shattenkinder
Control--- 1919
Crawlers In--- By Any Means Necessary
Temple of Love(Ext. Mix)--- The Sisters of Mercy
You Bleed Me--- Suspiria
Boomerang--- Xmal Deutschland
Shadowrun--- Plastique Noir
Sex Unter Wasser--- D.A.F.
Sound Mirror--- Clock DVA
Paper Dolls--- Christ vs. Warhol
Obliterate my Fate---Asphyxia

PLAYLIST 7-21-11

Boxhead--- Scraping Foetus off the Wheel
Turn to Stone--- Leaether Strip
Fizzing Human-Bomb--- Danielle Dax
First Aid--- Skinny Puppy
You Are Mine--- November Novelet
Swing the Heartache--- Bauhaus
Dressed in Black--- Depeche Mode
Cracked--- The Jesus and Mary Chain
Pagan Lovesong--- Virgin Prunes
Summertime Belongs to Me--- Nurse With Wound
The Scream--- 1919
Ricky's Hand--- Fad Gadget
Five Knuckle Shuffle--- Throbbing Gristle
In My Grip--- Samhain
Dog's Blood Rising--- Current 93
I'm Falling--- Ministry
Nameless--- Geko
The Drowning Man--- The Cure
Amphetamine Logic--- The Sisters of Mercy
Manic Melody(Hairy Beary)--- Chris & Cosey
Breeder--- Mentallo & the Fixer
Decaying Among the Hopeful--- A Murder of Angels
AAAIIO--- Metro Decay
No Rule--- Leather Nun
Architect--- Leitmotiv
Shadowplay--- Joy Division
The Maze--- Hysteria