Friday, August 5, 2011


PLAYLIST 6/30/11

Ultra-- KMFDM
I'm Deranged-- David Bowie + Trent Reznor
Punch Drunk-- Gene Loves Jezebel
Walking Backwards-- By Any Means Necessary
Secret-- Christ Vs. Warhol
Lullaby(Alt. Version)-- Christian Death
Cannibal Coast-- Aural Vampire
Beast of Burden-- Attrition
Lovesick-- The Vanishing
Underground Movie-- Kas Product
Into the Large Air-- Nitzer Ebb
But Not Tonight-- Depeche Mode
Ich Bin's-- Einsturzende Neubauten
Lights Go Out-- The March Violets
Tenant-- Siouxsie and the Banshees
Black Planet-- The Sisters of Mercy
Behind the Wheel-- Suspiria
Who's Laughing Now-- Skinny Puppy
Berlin 1930-- Subtonix
Camilla's Dream-- T3RROR 3RROR
Dew-- Thanatos
The Need-- Chris & Cosey
The Beast-- The Super Heroines
Incubus Succubus II-- Xmal Deutschland
The Litanies of Satan-- Diamanda Galas

PLAYLIST 7/15/11

I Crawled-- Swans
Lady of Flame-- Pain Teens
Nature of Love(Cruelty Mix)-- Ministry
World of Fantasy-- C-Lekktor
Trottodaf-- End of Data
Catakomb Kittens-- Cinema Strange
A Strutting Rooster-- The Creatures
Clock-- The Danse Society
Those Who Walk By the Night-- Plastique Noir
Kiss the Carpet-- The Sisters of Mercy
03-- Absolute Body Control
Rosarium-- Cyanide Regime
Black Dahlia-- Fahrenheit 451
Seagull-- KUKL
Far From Paradise-- Scarlet's Remains
Contact-- SPK
Spectre-- Christian Death
Elements of Chance-- Black Ice
God in an Alcove-- Bauhaus
Blood on the Wall-- Skinny Puppy
Venetian Blinds-- The Frozen Autumn
Room 11-- The SVMs
Carnival of Souls-- Witching Hour
Taking Shape-- Kas Product
Burning Skies-- Tones on Tail
Ignore the Machine-- Alien Sex Fiend

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