Tuesday, August 2, 2011

PLAYLIST 7-21-11

Boxhead--- Scraping Foetus off the Wheel
Turn to Stone--- Leaether Strip
Fizzing Human-Bomb--- Danielle Dax
First Aid--- Skinny Puppy
You Are Mine--- November Novelet
Swing the Heartache--- Bauhaus
Dressed in Black--- Depeche Mode
Cracked--- The Jesus and Mary Chain
Pagan Lovesong--- Virgin Prunes
Summertime Belongs to Me--- Nurse With Wound
The Scream--- 1919
Ricky's Hand--- Fad Gadget
Five Knuckle Shuffle--- Throbbing Gristle
In My Grip--- Samhain
Dog's Blood Rising--- Current 93
I'm Falling--- Ministry
Nameless--- Geko
The Drowning Man--- The Cure
Amphetamine Logic--- The Sisters of Mercy
Manic Melody(Hairy Beary)--- Chris & Cosey
Breeder--- Mentallo & the Fixer
Decaying Among the Hopeful--- A Murder of Angels
AAAIIO--- Metro Decay
No Rule--- Leather Nun
Architect--- Leitmotiv
Shadowplay--- Joy Division
The Maze--- Hysteria


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